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Our 10 Favourite Home Improvement Blogs

Our 10 Favourite Home Improvement Blogs 

These are ten blogs/websites that are full of good ideas and great tips on renewable energy or home improvements... 
25 May 2018 
7 Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

7 Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly 

Going green and making your home a more eco-friendly place can benefit not only the environment, but can also save you money... 
30 October 2017 
We've Been Featured In Daylighting Magazine! Blog Post

How A Daylighting System Installation Works 

As well as daylighting systems, we also offer professional installation services and are pleased to explain some of our installation procedures... 
31 May 2017 

We've Been Featured In Daylighting Magazine! 

Our tubular daylighting systems have been featured in the latest issue of Daylighting Magazine. The feature focuses on commercial... 
21 April 2017 

Solatube vs Roof Windows  

While traditional roof windows have their place, there are many advantages in using a Solatube Daylighting system... 
31 March 2017 

Flexible Daylight Pipes Are No Match For Solatube Rigid Tube Systems 

We are often asked about the difference between tubular daylighting systems that use flexible tube material rather than the rigid tubes... 
28 February 2017 

DIY SOS - Happy to help 

Solatube helps out on another episode of the BBC programme DIY SOS - The Big Build. We supply systems in this ambitious build... 
6 February 2017 

How To Get Natural Light Into Your Home 

Natural light is an essential element for a happy and healthy existence. Vitamin D, for example, builds healthy bones and most of us get our daily dose of... 
6 January 2017 

7 Things You Must Know When Purchasing A Daylighting System 

Now known generically across the market as sun tunnels, believe it or not, tubular daylighting systems are not all quite the same. The tubular daylighting... 
4 Nov 2016 

Bringing daylight where the sun doesn't shine 

You might expect to see daylighting systems installed in homes, schools and warehouses. But, how about in a 932,000 cubic foot retention tank buried 8 feet below ground?... 
27 Sept 2016 

We won! We won! We won! 

The award ceremony was held on the 22nd of September, and well, the results came in and we are now proud to announce that the Energy Care Optima Enhancement won in it's selected category! We were over the moon to hear that we had won.. 
12 Sept 2016 

Daylighting the new Magstim UK Headquarters 

The Wales based medical device manufacturer The Magstim Company Ltd has now doubled the size of its site headquarters, and we were proud to be a part of it. With the introduction of a total of 42 Solatube Daylighting Systems - split between 24... 
12 Sept 2016 

Shortlisted for Build It Awards 2016 

We are excited to announce that the Energy Care Optima enhancement has been shortlisted for a Build It Award 2016 in the category of Innovation in Insulation... 
1 Sept 2016 

How to choose a daylighting system 

Often referred to as sun tunnels, tubular daylighting systems are still a new concept for some. Are some systems better than others? Here are 8 indicators to help you decide on the best system for your home... 
14 July 2016 

Daylighting with DIY SOS 

Solalighting Limited is delighted to have supplied several of our Solatube products to some of the families featured in the BBC One series DIY SOS: The Big Build... 
9 June 2016 

Energy Care Optima 

By combining the Solatube Brighten Up Series with our Energy Care Optima enhancement! Now, you can achieve even better thermal & acoustic properties for your Solatube Daylighting System with U-values as low as 0.5W/m²K...  
4 May 2016 

Online web-store launch 

We are pleased to announce there's now an even easier way to purchase your Solatube Daylighting System! Yes, you can now order online... 
30 March 2016 

Spring has sprung 

The performance of 21,000 students found that when they studied in rooms with diffused daylight, their tests results’ improved by up to 26%... 
24 March 2016 
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