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Solatube Daylight Dimmer
Fully closed, fully open - or any stage in between!

Electric Daylight Dimmer™ 

(Available for the 160 DS and 290 DS) 
At times, it may be necessary to reduce the amount of daylight in a space— in a cinema room, a bedroom, or during a presentation, for instance. The optional Daylight Dimmer fits inside the tube and uses a patented butterfly baffle design that allows you to block out as much or as little daylight at the press of a switch. The wall-mounted switch (sold separately) allows for simple and easy adjustments to room daylight levels — from fully open to near black-out conditions.  
A master switch can control multiple dimmers with 'daisy chain' low voltage wiring between relay terminals to each unit. Solatube Daylight Dimmers have a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. 
Electric Light Kit

Electric Light Kit 

(Available for the 160 DS and 290 DS) 
The Electric light kit offers the convenience of a switched electric light for night time use and, because it integrates neatly into your Solatube Daylighting System, reduces the need for individual ceiling fixtures. The Electric Light kit requires a minimum install distance of 400mm.  
This CE approved accessory has a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. It can accommodate any screw lamp up to 75W and we recommend using low energy compact fluorescent or LED lamps for maximum efficiency. Please note, lamps are not provided.  

Bathroom Ventilation Kit 

(For the 160 DS only) 
This innovative and efficient kit integrates fully into your Solatube Daylighting System offering a neat, stylish solution for lighting and ventilating bathrooms or en-suites through one ceiling fitting. It may also be combined with the optional Electric Light kit to provide a truly multi-functional system and can be supplied with Vusion, OptiView diffuser or frosted ceiling fittings. It is supplied with a pull cord switch and a fascia/soffit exit vent as standard, or we can supply a universal roof exit vent that will interface with any pitched roof type.  
Solatube bathroom ventilation unit
Bathroom Ventilation kit
Deconstructed Bathroom Ventilation kit
The powerful, yet quiet, fan motor has an extract rate of 110 cubic metres per hour (31 litres per second). It is fitted with back-curved centrifugal impellers to enhance efficiency and ensure excellent performance, even with long lengths of ducting. The motor comes with an in-built adjustable timer and is manufactured from high impact ABS thermoplastics for strength and durability. 
The unit complies with Building Regulations on Ventilation (F1 2006) and carries a 3 year manufacturer's warranty. Power is provided by a single phase (consuming 45W) induction motor with pre-oiled bearings for a long, maintenance-free life. 
Bathroom Ventilation kit fan motor

Effect Lenses 

Controlled light delivery 
Our daylighting systems deliver incredible light output for their size. The roof dome is designed to control the transfer of light to ensure a consistent level of daylight delivery for visual comfort all day long, all year long. 
If you still find the light output too bright, we offer a range of Effect lenses that allow you to further tailor the intensity of the light colour. These lenses may be paired with any of our diffusers or ceiling fixtures, so whatever your preference, we have an option that lets you achieve just the look and light output you want. 
Effect lenses

Natural ... Warming ... Softening 

Effect lenses in action


Provides brilliant white, natural daylight. Supplied as standard. 


Enhances natural light by “warming” it, creating a colour similar to that emitted by incandescent bulbs. 


Softens the intensity of natural light for a glowing effect. Helps to reduce glare. 

Warm / Soft 

Alters the colour of natural light to mimic the "warm" hue given off by incandescent bulbs while softening the intensity. Helps to reduce glare. 
All electrical wiring must be undertaken by a suitably qualified person. 
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