Bell's Brewery 

Manufacturing Case Study 
Bell's Brewery brightened by open ceiling Solatube Daylighting Systems



Improve employee well-being and energy conservation 


Daylighting is integrated throughout production spaces and office areas 


111 Solatube Daylighting Systems 


Architectural Building Products 


350,000 sq. ft. (two buildings) 


Founded by Larry Bell as a home brewing supply shop in 1983, Bell’s Brewery, Inc. is a craft beer brewery based in Comstock, Michigan, with their original brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan Bell’s is distributed in 23-states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The company strives to achieve sustainability goals to improve their beer and the environment. 


Providing its employees with access to natural light became an important consideration for the Bell’s team when looking at building design and retrofitting existing buildings. 
“We are staunch believers in the idea that intelligent building design affects the mental well-being, and therefore, productivity of its inhabitants. All too often, manufacturing facilities pay little attention to the availability of natural light in production areas, creating an environment in which employees can feel trapped and out of touch with the outside world,” said Evan Meffert, Global Services Manager at Bells Brewery. 


A total of 111 Solatube Daylighting Systems are installed throughout the Bell’s manufacturing and office areas. 
Solatube Daylighting Systems are nicely integrated with the green roof on Bell’s buildings, one of their many commitments to sustainability and green building. 
“We strive to provide natural light throughout our brewery to complement artificial lighting systems. In some spaces, where machines and equipment preclude the use of windows, Solatube products give us a great alternative for bringing natural light into key production spaces,” Meffert added. 
According to one of Bell’s main line leads, “Anytime you can get natural light in somewhere, it’s a good thing. People need to be exposed to sunlight at work – it affects attitudes and moods. The Solatube systems definitely affect people in a positive way.” 


“When we first put in Solatube Daylighting Systems in 2007, we were amazed at the amount and quality of light that was brought into the building. They really made an incredible difference,” Mallett said. “Since 2007 we have incorporated Solatube units into every building addition we have done. We love working with Solatube.” 
“The color of the light and the quality of the light contributes to greater work force engagement. It makes Bell’s a nicer place to work.” 
John Mallett, Director of Operations 
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