Daylit Fish Tanks 

Innovative Application Case Study 
Fish tank brightened by solatube daylighting system
Fish tank brightened by solatube daylighting system
Fish tank brightened by solatube daylighting system


Use natural light to create a dynamic aquatic environment that reduces maintenance and increases enjoyment for recreational fish tank owners. 


Solatube Brighten Up Series 160 DS/290 DS Daylighting Systems; Solatube Smart LED Systems ; SolaMaster Series 330/750 DS Daylighting Systems 
Solatube OptiView Decorative Fixtures 
Optional Solatube Daylight Dimmers with switch 
Optional Solatube Light Add-on Kits (for Brighten Up Series Daylighting Systems) 


Daylight is beneficial for living organisms, and that includes aquatic life. Exposure to natural light provided by Solatube Daylighting Systems enables aquatic environments to receive the full spectrum visible light that promotes a healthy tank habitat. At the same time, the majority of heat-producing infrared (IR) and damaging ultraviolet (UV) light is filtered out, which significantly reduces heat gain and minimizes aquatic environment cleaning and maintenance.  
Since most microorganisms requires UV light to propagate, the use of Solatube products as a source for daytime fish tank illumination decreases the amount of cleaning and maintenance typically required of fish enthusiasts. Additionally, the use of Solatube OptiView® Decorative Fixtures creates a natural sparkle effect similar to that produced when daylight reflects off the water’s surface of oceans and lakes. 


Introducing natural light into the home first required installation of several Solatube Daylighting Systems directly above the fish tank environment. Optional Solatube Daylight Dimmers were installed inside the tubes to provide brightness control.  
For nighttime illumination, electric lights were added within the Solatube units using optional Solatube Light Add-on Kits (Light Kits not needed when using Solatube Smart LED products). The bottom assemblies may be encased in a drywall soffit to provide a finished look to the setup while allowing the natural light to reach the water’s surface unimpeded. 


To recreate this effect, keep the following considerations in mind: 
When devising the unit that will house the bottom assemblies of the Solatube Daylighting Systems terminating just above a fish tank, casework can be used as an alternative to a finished drywall soffit. 
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