Decorative Lanterns 

Innovative Application Case Study 
Decorative lanterns brightening Solatube headquarters
Decorative lantern overhead in ceiling


Infuse visual excitement into a large space by combining oversized decorative shades with open ceiling daylighting units. 


Solatube Brighten Up Series 290 DS Daylighting Systems; 
Smart LED Systems; SolaMaster Series 330/750 DS-O Daylighting Systems 
Optional Solatube Daylight Dimmers with switch 
Optional Solatube Light Add-on Kits (for Brighten Up Series Daylighting Systems) 
Off-the-shelf or custom decorative shades 


Luminous, pendant light fixtures can be used to create drama and establish visual focus in a space, drawing occupants’ attention to a specific portion of a room (e.g., a reception desk or meeting area). They also may function as key architectural elements to enhance the personality of a space while reducing the need for electric lights. 


Devising a decorative lantern effect (reference left image) required the use of a Solatube 290 DS Daylighting System that extended well below the ceiling plane. Suspension wires and drywall mounts were used to attach the decorative shades to the diffuser assembly at the bottom of the Solatube unit. Using ceiling fasteners and additional suspension wires, the decorative shades were suspended from the ceiling, allowing the Solatube Daylighting System’s diffuser assembly to nest seamlessly within the decorative shade fixture for a bold and contemporary look. 


To recreate this effect, keep the following considerations in mind: 
When attaching a decorative shade to the bottom of a Solatube unit, make sure the top of the decorative shade overlaps the Solatube diffuser assembly by at least one inch. 
Carefully tape all tubing joints to ensure an aesthetically-pleasing look since the joints will remain visible. 
If desired, the outside of the optical tubing may be painted. It is recommended that painting be done after the tubing is installed, but before the decorative shade is attached. 
For the best long-term results, use a tightly fitting translucent ring around the Solatube tubing at the top of the decorative shade to minimize the potential for dirt, dust, or bug infiltration into the decorative shade system. 
Use ceiling-mounted wires and/or cables to support the weight of the decorative shades. 
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