Innovative Case Study 
SolaDot tubing on other side of the wall
People enjoying the installed SolaDots


Create an artistic grouping of day lit “port holes” on a side wall 


Succesfully constructed wall sconces lit by natural light 



Luminous wall sconces can be an important element of a lighting design, adding a unique layer of perimeter light can brighten a space, create visual rhythm, or establish an artistic luminous element 
The objective was to create an artistic grouping of day lit “port holes” on a side wall using Solatube Daylighting Systems in a nontraditional way. 


This unique application was constructed by installing Solatube Daylighting Systems configured with Spectralight Infinity 0-90 Degree Tubing. This allowed for a vertical tube run down a finished wall, creating a wall sconce lit by natural light. 
SolaDots Installation in Classroom


Additional decorative effects can be achieved by changing the decorative diffusers — for example, round to square diffusers 
Daylight Dimmers can be used in switched circuits to allow occupants to adjust the brightness 
Light Add-on Kits can be installed to provide electric light for night time use 
This application can also be effectively used to backlight luminous signage, displays or artwork 
To learn how Solatube Daylighting Systems could brighten your next project 
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