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Warehouse/Manufacturing Case Study 
Sorrento warehouse racking
Sorrento warehouse racking



Bring daylight into the high-bay manufacturing and warehouse areas of the facility, increasing the quality and quantity of light in the workspace; allowing workers better visibility to complete their job functions and also improving the general working environment. Reducing operating costs through energy savings was also a major factor. 


Daylighting is integrated throughout production spaces and office areas 


75 Solatube SolaMaster Series 21-0 (21 in/530 mm Daylighting System) with Prismatic Diffusers 




Sorrento Electronics is a leader in the design, development, and manufacture of secure and highly reliable microprocessor/PC-based control and information handling systems. Solatube Daylighting Systems were used in the warehouse and manufacturing areas to provide better light for employees and to reduce utility costs. 


Brighter Concepts, Inc., (a Solatube Premier Dealer) was able to daylight the entire 35,000 square foot high-bay manufacturing, shipping, and warehouse areas with virtually no interruptions to the work going on in the facility. The Solatube Daylighting Systems were able to displace 51 High Pressure Sodium Fixtures (469 Watts each) for an annual average of eight hours per day. Based on the operating hours of the building, the Solatube Daylighting Systems, combined with a photocontrol system, provide a 69% reduction in annual electric lighting energy consumption. The simple payback for the entire project was calculated to be 3.2 years. 
“After considerable investigation into tubular daylighting devices, I determined that Solatube was clearly the superior product –it gave out more and brighter light. I receive positive comments about them all the time, from employees, visitors, and customers. Our high-bay area was generally dark before, even with the lights on. Now, it is never dark, even with the lights off. Also, the installation was great – no mess, no fuss and without interruptions to our work – and it was 75 – 21” Solatubes!” 
Bill Steed, Facilities Manager 
Sorrento warehouse racking
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