Stater Bros. 

Retail Case Study 
Stater Bros fruit isle brightened by installed daylighting systems
Stater Bros checkouts brightened by installed daylighting systems
Stater Bros pharmacy brightened by installed daylighting systems



Provide significant annual energy and operating cost savings while also establishing a higher-quality retail environment through effective daylight harvesting. 


164 Solatube 21-C (21 in/530 mm Daylighting System) with OptiView Diffusers and 6-feet+ of tubing 


Stater Bros exterior


Stater Bros. Markets, Inc. uses daylight to create an innovative energy-efficient shopping environment at their new grocery store in Chino Hills, California. The effective use of daylight not only serves to fully displace the need for electric lighting during the majority of daylight hours throughout the year, but also enhances the appearance of the products being sold. It truly creates a more natural and enjoyable environment for both the patrons and staff. 


The Solatube Daylighting Systems are used to fully daylight the entire 43,235 square-foot sales floor (including produce, pharmacy, and checkout aisles) and back-of-house stocking spaces in the new Chino Hills store. Sophisticated panel-level photocontrols provide multiple controlled lighting zones utilizing a single photocell that is integrated into the Solatube Daylighting System. The abundant daylight from the Solatube Daylighting Systems accentuates the natural beauty of the high-quality produce and grocery products available in the store. The Solatube Daylighting Systems are artfully placed to provide accent lighting for key architectural details and to brighten the perimeter walls of the store. 
“The most exciting aspect of this installation is that the projected energy savings resulting from the Solatubes will cut our annual lighting energy costs by nearly half. In addition to saving energy, the Solatubes will keep the store lighted in the event of a black-out situation, which is a real plus.” 
Mike McCasland, Property Development Manager 
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