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Energy Care Optima enhancement - low U value Passive house

Energy Care Optima enhancement launch! 

The best just got sustainably better! 

With our BBA Certification, superior quality components and Highest Performance Guarantee – you may wonder how do we make the best even better? By combining the Brighten Up Series with our Energy Care Optima enhancement! Now, you can achieve even better thermal & acoustic properties for your Solatube Daylighting System with U-values as low as 0.5W/m²K and acoustic insulating values of 49dB (Rw) – this meets Passive House standards. 

How have we attained this amazing performance? 

The Brighten Up series already has excellent thermal properties with a very low U-value of 1.3Wm²k (better than some double-glazed windows); our Energy Care Optima option enhances these values further by using additional insulating components from the dome of the Daylighting System through to the ceiling diffuser. 

At roof level 

The inner dome, insulated flashing and flashing insulator combine to provide greater insulation at roof level. 

In the tube 

The Climate Control Lens provides additional compartmentalisation to minimize air movement, and the multi-layer foil to BS/EN 12667 & ISO8302 (0.0345W/m2K) ensures the tube is highly insulated. 

At diffuser level 

The Vusion ceiling diffuser is already double-glazed by means of the Effect Lens situated just above it. 
Energy Care Optima thermal imaging diagram
4 May 2016 
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