SkyVault - Roof Assembly 

SkyVault roof assembly

Engineered reliability 

The SkyVault Series has been designed for easy operation and long life. Sealed, pre-assembled top and bottom assemblies, self-cleaning domes and UV / IR filtering ensure high-quality, high-performance daylight delivery with zero maintenance required. 

Advanced optics 

The SkyVault Series selectively delivers the visible spectrum of light while filtering out damaging infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths. This reduces daytime cooling loads, prevents interior damage, and minimises glare and shifting light patterns. 

Colour consistency 

The SkyVault Series ensures that the colour of transferred daylight remains white, offering stable colour rendition of the visible light spectrum throughout the year. 

Thermal efficiency 

The SkyVault Series comes with built-in temperature control features. A pre-assembled insulated (R6) and sealed curb cap, Spectralight Infinity material, and the optional dual dome all combine to minimize heat gain/loss and optimise thermal efficiency 
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