SkyVault - Tubing 

Spectralight Infinity tubing

Efficient Transfer 

Our systems use Spectralight Infinity, the world's most reflective tubing, which transfers maximum daylight from rooftop to diffuser with minimal light loss and perfect colour rendition. 

Spectralight® Infinity Tubing 

World's most reflective material that: 
Delivers 99.7% reflectivity for maximum daylight transfer 
Provides the purest rendition possible so colours are truer and brighter 
Allows for lengthy tube runs and 90 degree turns to deliver daylight to lower floors 

Cool Tube Technology 

Proprietary material used in SkyVault Series reflectors and tubing that: 
Filters out infrared wavelengths to minimise solar heat gain 
Prevents heat from entering the building 
Improves thermal efficiency 
99.7% reflectivity spectralight infinity tubing diagram

Built-in savings 

A revolutionary connection system makes it easy to install the SkyVault Series. With no screws or tape, materials and labour are minimised, while nested components and minimal packaging reduce waste and shipping costs. 
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