▼ Roof Dome 

SolaMaster Series - Roof dome 

Our roof domes are injection moulded from tough, impact-resistant polycarbonate, TP(a)-rated, and incorporating UV screening up to 380 nanometers to prevent discolouration from solar radiation. A BBA Certification confirms that the SolaMaster roof dome is classified as Tp(a) rigid in accordance with UK building regulations which means, unlike acrylic/PMMA domes, it may installed without restriction and in multiples on any UK roof.  

Highly durable 

As well as being weathertight and durable, our domes are extremely resistant to physical attack and impacts, and are specified for use in secure applications such as custody suites, detention centres and areas prone to vandalism. They have also received specification approval from the Home Office.  

LightTracker Reflector 

The patented LightTracker Reflector is supplied with every Solatube system for use on north-facing or wall-mounted applications in order to deliver even more light into the tube aperture. 
Deconstructed roof dome showing LightTracker Reflector
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