SolaMaster Series - Tubing 

Spectralight Infinity tubing

Spectralight Infinity® 99.7% super reflective rigid tubing — exclusive to Solatube 

Solatube's proprietary Spectralight Infinity tube material has a specular reflectance of over 99% and is the most reflective material used in any tubular daylighting system. Produced exclusively for Solatube Daylighting Systems, it is used on all reflective surfaces within the system. 
Extension tubes are available in straight 610mm sections that are designed to telescope together to give you exactly the required tube length between your roof and ceiling without the need for cutting. 
Potential of heat, caused by Infrared wavelengths entering the tube, is removed from the harvested light before entering the building through the use of our patented Cool Tube technology incorporated in the tube material. 

0-45 degree angles adapters - A and B tube 

Innovative design allows tube adjustment from 0-45 degrees. The top tube angle adapter comes pre-notched for attachment to the tube ring for use at the roof level. The Spectralight Infinity bottom tube angle adapter is designed to fit on top of the transition box. 
Available separately or as a top / bottom kit. 
Tubing with 0-30 degree angle adjusters
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