Luminous Shapes 

Innovative Application Case Study 
Ceiling sails brightening the room below using a daylighting system
Ceiling sails on silver roof with daylighting systems shining down


Add drama to a large, open-plan space using daylighting and several floating, translucent “clouds” or other geometric shapes while shielding mechanical equipment, ductwork and other unsightly elements from view. 


Solatube SolaMaster Series 330/750 DS-O Daylighting Systems 
Optional Solatube Daylight Dimmers with switch 


Solatube daylighting products can be used to light interiors in creative, inspiring and sometimes unexpected ways. One innovative approach is to combine Solatube Daylighting Systems with floating, translucent ceiling elements to create a unique and dramatic look. 


To create the effect of clouds floating in the air, translucent material was cut and suspended from the open ceiling structures. Several Solatube Daylighting Systems were installed above the “clouds,” allowing the light to filter through the decorative elements and illuminate the surfaces below with a soft, diffuse glow. Light reflecting off the top of the decorative elements indirectly lit the ceiling surface and adjacent architectural structures. In addition, Solatube Daylight Dimmers were installed to enable full control of light entering the space during the day while integrated electric lights were added to produce nighttime wall wash illumination. Since the space was lit by energy efficient natural light for the majority of the day, annual energy costs were reduced while providing personnel with a visually appealing and comfortable environment that boosted productivity. 


To recreate this effect, keep the following considerations in mind: 
Use different opacities of suspended materials to control surface brightness and vary the ratio of direct to indirect illumination. 
Layer the suspended decorative elements to mimic the look of clouds in the sky. 
Test different variations of light intensity and reflected light to render the luminous shapes and achieve the desired effect. 
Select suitably rated translucent panels or tensile membrane fabrics to create the floating luminous shapes and surfaces. 
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