Modern Kitchen Concept Becomes a Reality 

Residential Case Study 
Digital concept render of the kitchen design with 5 daylighting systems




Working with the designer's digital conceptual designs, tubular daylighting systems were to be installed to overcome the lack of natural daylight in this kitchen 


The conceptual designs become a reality 


5 Solatube 290DS Brighten Up Series units 


The homeowners of this property were looking to completely redesign their home kitchen to a newer, and more modern, spacious design. The concept for this kitchen had already been created by a specialist kitchen designer. Digital concepts were created and presented to us to see how we could play our part in helping making this concept design a reality. 


One of the issues this kitchen-dining room already faced before the redesign took place was the lack of natural daylight being brought into the area. The dining room area was already exposed to natural daylight thanks to the large patio doors, however, the kitchen side of the room had only one small window through which daylight could enter. This meant during the day time, the kitchen was dark and electrical lighting was having to be left on - an issue that the homeowner wished to resolve. 


The kitchen designer recommended Solatube Daylighting Systems as a solution to the kitchen's daylighting needs. After an intial home survey, it was decided that even though the area would be filled with daylight using as few as two systems, the designer and homeower went for the wow factor and 5 290DS Brighten Up Series units were installed into the kitchen. 
Digital concept render of the kitchen design without daylighting systems
The kitchen build with 5 daylighting systems
Before and after ... the digital concept design and the kitchen flooded with beautiful natural light 
The room before the kitchen was built
After the kitchen was built with 5 daylighting systems


The residential kitchen now no longer requires electrical lighting to be left switched on during the day, thanks to our daylighting systems. The homeowners were so pleased with the results that a further two systems were then installed into a previously dark hallway. The transformation throughout has been a fantastic project from start to finish and we've have been happy to help. 
"We actually went for more tubes than we were actually advised to go for, we went for 5 tubes in that part of the kitchen, and again we were pleased we did that, because the extra light was well worth the extra cost. We were so pleased with the tubes that we subsequently had them installed in another part of the house to bring some light into a rather dark corridor, and equally we were pleased with those. The guys who fitted them were impeccable with their service and their courtesy and I can honestly say the installation was pleasant." 
Mr T, Buckinghamshire 
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