Southern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority (SSCAFCA) 

Office Case Study 
SSCAFCA exterior
SSCAFCA interior brightened by installed daylighting system
SSCAFCA interior hallway brightened by 3 installed daylighting systems



To integrate daylight into the building to create a healthier work environment for employees, as well as reduce electric lighting costs. 


4 Solatube 160 DS (10 in/250 mm Daylighting System) with Curved Prismatic Diffusers and Electric Light Add-On Kits 
11 Solatube 290 DS (14 in/350 mm Daylighting System) with Curved Prismatic Diffusers and Electric Light Add-On Kits 
2 Solatube 21-0 (21 in/530 mm Daylighting System) with Curved Prismatic Diffusers 


Established by the State of New Mexico in 1990, SSCAFCA is an independent corporate political body with an elected board empowered to undertake the acquisition, improvement, maintenance and operation of flood and storm water control facilities. SSCAFCA regulates activities that may affect these facilities such as drainage control from proposed real estate development. 


Sustainability was at the core of the amazing design provided by Environmental Dynamics Inc. of Albuquerque. The innovative use of natural light is one of the first things you notice when entering the 4,677-square-foot facility. Solatube Daylighting Systems are utilized in both open and drop ceiling applications, enhancing the color of interior finishes and providing a bright, open feel in this clean, industrial-inspired work space. Integrated electric light kits within all of the Solatube 160 DS and Solatube 290 DS Daylighting Systems also provide convenient nighttime illumination. 
“We are very pleased with the amount of daylight we get from the Solatubes. Our building was designed with sustainability in mind and the Solatubes are truly an integral part of that philosophy. We typically do not have the electric lights on during the day in the areas where we have Solatubes. In fact, we use so much less electricity than a typical building of the same size, that we actually had to renegotiate our contract with the local utility company because we were not meeting their projected consumption.” 
David Stoliker, PE, Executive Director 
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